Dear Customers and Friends,

We present the price catalogue for 2014. For yet another year we are available to answer your enquiries or to
provide clarification.

This year we have focused on increasing sprouting and root quality. We have perfected a system of fertigation to suit
large specimens. Our experience has shown us that good sprouting and quality rooting better enable the plant to withstand
harsh weather, and improve adaptation both to disease and to pests.

In our opinion, each tree has a story to tell. We therefore keep record of the tree’s origin, the day it was uprooted from
the forest, the date it was potted in the nursery, the phytosanitary treatments it has received, the characteristics of the
soil used, and the time that plant has been taking root. Each specimen is numbered with a security seal.

It is important for the end customer to buy not only a tree, but also a record of it given that some very old specimens
are involved.

By monitoring the trees we are able to improve on a yearly basis. It may seem otherwise but what we are achieving
with this system is a reduction in production costs and very good control of transplants.

We have patented a system that we use for transplanting. With our transplanting method, the tree loses very few capillaries,
thus making it much easier for its root system to grow quickly.

We hope, therefore, that you will place your trust in us and also send our kind regards.

Sant Feliu de Pallerols

Nursery authorised by the Government of Catalonia, registered in the Registry of Nurseries with number ES-09-170138, member of the Girona Nursery Owners’ Association and authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing to issue EC plant passports.

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